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Fevicreate is a one stop platform for building Creativity & holistic development of your child. With Expert designed programs, children will learn with fun using Art & Craft as a medium.
Fevicreate has a range of programs from Summer Camps to science contests, that will boost your kid's creative & academic capabilities & make them stand out against their peers!
Fevicreate has DIY ideas & content for children from 4 to 14 years of age - Each content is designed for a specific age bracket.
Art & Craft have proven to significantly impact the development of a child in a holistic manner - from motor skills to time management, Art & Craft projects contribute heavily to a child's growth
Arts and Crafts actually help children with their concentration, thinking skills, visual learning, and more, which has proven to increase IQ levels
"Supported by Fevicreate Lesson Plans, Children can actually learn boring lessons in their curriculum through Project work which will boost deep learning of concepts & support long term memory"
All you need to do is register for Free on - all programs & content will be available at your fingertips - you can download the free Fevicreate manual to plan your Creativity kids schedule
Your kid will get rewards after logging in, downloading freebies, watching videos, uploading their creations & referring their friends as well.
"You can view your points on your dashboard. •Reach 150 points & get 20% discount on a minimum purchase of ₹200 worth of Pidilite products. •Reach 400 points & get 30% discount on a minimum purchase of ₹200 worth of Pidilite products. •Reach 1000 points & get a free Fevicreate kit worth ₹225. •Reach 1500 points & get a free Fevicreate kit worth ₹349".
Fevicreate Program is completely Free of Cost.
You can write to for any further queries.
Fevicreate is a creativity building Platform that Partners with teachers to provide them tools & support for their yearly curriculums, thematic content, subject based content & more.
A teacher has to register herself and her school on Fevicreate portal and gain access to the numerous ideas & Projects on the website created by Content experts . This content is updated on a regular basis & you will always find something new to explore.
Apart from the extensive Art & Science content access, each teacher registering with Fevicreate becomes part of loyalty program with multiple reward slabs.
"Every time a registered teacher conducts any Craft activity in her school, she can upload it on Fevicreate. She gains certain points - when these points touch the minimum slab, teacher can redeem the points for rewards".
After you register yourself you will see a very simple step by step process to upload your craft activities on the website.
Please read terms & conditions - images may be used for promotional purposes.
Every activity you do is linked to your school & based on the number of activities conducted, schools are recognized as Platinum, Gold & Silver at the end of the academic year & given exciting rewards
Students get to learn new & exciting DIY Ideas, Science projects & Expert created ideas & also gain certificates & prizes for select programs within Fevicreate.
You can share your details with us & we could help you register on the platform - please drop a mail on
You can share your details with us & we could help you - please drop a mail on
Fevicreate is a creativity building Platform that Partners with Schools to provide them a complete Annual curriculum of projects & lesson plans that supports the holistic development of the child.
"Fevicreate is an integrated Learning program which combines Academics with Crafting projects. Art Integrated Learning has been recommended in the New Education Policy 2020 and Fevicreate can help your school implement it effectively."
Arts integration differs from traditional education by its inclusion of Art & Craft as medium of learning- it has known to improve motor skills, long term memory, Problem solving capabilities & holistic development of the child
Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centred, discussion-based, flexible, and, of course, enjoyable. The curriculum must include basic arts, crafts, humanities, games, sports and fitness, languages, literature, culture, and values, in addition to science and mathematics, to develop all aspects and capabilities of learners; and make education more well-rounded, useful, and fulfilling to the learner.
Register your School with Fevicreate and you will be contacted by your Local Fevicreate representative. He will understand your schools needs & create a unique Annual Curriculum just for you. You can follow the curriculum & win exciting rewards at the end of the year.
"Schools are recognised for the number of activities done with Fevicreate and are rewarded with prizes each year- Platinum , Gold & Silver Grading".
No commercials involved. Fevicreate Program created by Pidilite Industries is entirely free of cost.
Your Local Fevicreate representative will stay in touch with your for your requirements & queries post registration.
Fevicreate team can hold a seminar for all your students & Parents to explain the benefits of Art Integrated Learning.