Back 7 Fun & Easy Body Parts Craft Activities for Kids

7 Fun & Easy Body Parts Craft Activities for Kids

My Body Craft Ideas – Learning through Craft

Can you believe it? When babies are born, they actually have around 300 bones in their little bodies. 

Learning about human anatomy can be a fun and educational experience for kids. It opens up a whole new world for them, helping them understand their own existence and how they interact with the world around them. With Fevicreate's wide range of body parts activities, preschoolers can explore and embrace the wonders of their body, fostering curiosity and a love for learning.    

Exploring Anatomy through Art with 7 Engaging Body Parts Activities 

Engage and educate preschoolers about their body parts with 7 fun and creative craft activities.   

1. Human Body Parts Craft  

Creating My Body Part Craft Ideas for Kids | Preschool Activity for Kids | DIY Paper Craft

This body parts art and craft for preschool kids teaches various body parts through creative and interactive crafting, making learning enjoyable and memorable.   

Before you dive into the whimsical world of body parts craft, make sure you have: 

  • Rangeela Tempera Colours  

  • Pencil  

  • Felt pen  

  • Template of body parts  

Begin by cutting out body parts activity from the template. Once they're ready, grab your vibrant Rangeela Tempera Colours and transform these blank canvases into captivating works of art. Let your imagination soar as you paint them creatively, adding playful splashes of colour and personal flair. And that's not all - bring these masterpieces to life with details, using your trusty pencil and felt pen.  

Help children embark on this creativity-filled adventure with our simplified paper body parts art and crafts for kids in a step-by-step guide.

2. Internal Organs 3D Model of Human Body   

Wanna Draw an Internal Organ Human Model by using Colourful Clay

Your little ones can craft their way into the wonders of internal organs, where fun meets biology. Dive into this creative project that not only unveils the mysteries of human anatomy but also adds a playful twist for our young explorers.  

To make this 3D model, you need: 

  • Pencil  

  • Scale  

  • Felt Pen  

  • Fine Art Brushes  

  • Reference Sheet  

  • Chart Paper  

  • Rangeela Moulding Dough  

Begin this artistic adventure by sketching organs on sturdy chart paper. Sculpt each organ using Rangeela Moulding Dough, capturing every detail. Use felt pens and fine art brushes like magic wands to add realism. And remember, your reference sheets are treasure maps guiding you through this creative journey. Let your kid’s imagination run wild and create anatomical masterpieces.  

Let your kids discover the wonders of the human internal organ clay model with our all-inclusive guide.  

3. Human Brain Model Project  

Ready for a brainy adventure that turns learning into a thrilling quest for kids? Discover an exciting body parts activity that blends hands-on creativity with education, promising both understanding and a whimsical journey through the world of the brain.   

Create this body part activity with materials such as:   

Kickstart by crafting the brain's structure with precision using Rangeela Moulding Dough. Secure it onto a sturdy mount board with Fevicol MR, and add a touch of authenticity with details and labels using a trusty white pencil. Then, for the finishing touch, sculpt it to perfection with scissors, ensuring an engaging and educational experience.  

Dive into this human brain clay model as a body part project with your kids as we guide you through each step with detailed instructions and helpful images. 

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4. Human Digestive System Clay Model   

Building Clay Model of Human Digestive System for Science Activity

Ever thought of bringing the digestive system to life in a 3D adventure? Explore the intricacies of the human digestive system through an entertaining clay modelling activity. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy and fun for kids to craft their 3D digestive system model using clay, turning learning into an engaging hands-on experience.  

For this craft, all you need is:   

  • Carbon Paper  

  • Felt Pen  

  • Chart Papers  

  • Corrugated Sheet  

  • Quilling Strips 

  • Rangeela Moulding Dough  

  • Fevicol MR  

Start by sketching out the digestive system on chart paper using carbon paper and a trusty felt pen. Then, enter the world of sculpting with Rangeela Moulding Dough, crafting a realistic 3D model that captures every detail. Elevate the structure's texture with corrugated sheets and quilling strips, securing it all in place with Fevicol MR. Voila! Read More Science Crafts Blogs on Fevicreate.

5. Digestive System Craft with a Twist   

Create a Creative Digestive System Paper Craft for Kids | Human Body Craft 

Get ready for another educational adventure with our "parts of the body” project ideas for kindergarten kids. One of our favourites is the creative digestive system craft, where young learners can dive into the fascinating world of the human body while playing with 5 different coloured sheets.

This craft project comes to life with materials that include:  

  • Fevicol MR  

  • Corrugated Sheet  

  • Five Coloured Sheets  

  • Quilling Strips  

Start by cutting the coloured sheets into different shapes representing the organs of the digestive system. Then, affix them onto the corrugated sheet using Fevicol MR. Next, intertwine the quilling strips to create representations of the digestive system's path. Finally, glue the quilled strips onto the coloured sheets, completing the craft.   

It's a playful way to engage young minds in science and here’s a more detailed step of this human digestive paper body part craft.                                                


6. Types of Teeth: Dental Craft Activity    

Make a Body Part Craft of Human Teeth for Kids

Immerse children in a hands-on learning adventure through a toothy craft activity. By crafting models of various teeth using diverse materials, kids can delve into the world of dental health, all while gaining insights into the unique functions of each type of tooth. It's an engaging and informative experience they won't forget.  

This body parts project for kindergarten students requires materials such as:   

  • Fevicol MR 

  • Fevicryl Mouldit  

  • Rangeela Moulding Dough  

  • Pencil  

  • Fine Arts Brushes  

  • Toothpicks  

Start by shaping the Fevicryl Mouldit and Rangeela Moulding Dough into different types of teeth using the pencil as a guide. Allow them to dry. Next, use the fine arts brushes to paint the teeth with different shades and details to represent their characteristics. Finally, use toothpicks to add finer details or textures.   

With our in-depth guide, for human teeth craft kids can learn about teeth and their functions while unleashing their creativity.   

7. A Model Demonstrating the Respiratory System

Making a Respiratory System Working Model | Body Parts Activities

Creating a respiratory system working model gives children a fun-filled opportunity to learn and understand the functioning of the respiratory system. With just a few materials, kids can build a model showcasing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, making learning interactive and enjoyable.   

Create this respiratory system model with basic materials such as:  

  • Fevicol MR  

  • Rangeela Tempera Colours  

  • Pipe  

  • Chart Paper  

  • Recyclable Plastic  

  • Pouches  

  • Prime Eezy Tear  

  • Marker  

  • Pencil  

  • Scissors  

First, use the chart paper to create lungs and trachea shapes, colouring them with the Rangeela Tempera Colours. Attach the pipe to represent the windpipe. Cut and attach the recyclable plastic to make alveoli. Use the pouches to demonstrate the process of inhaling and exhaling air. Write labels with the marker and pencil. Cut and glue everything using Fevicol MR.   

Make this body part craft activity even more engaging with our step-by-step guide that will help kids better understand the respiratory system while having fun.

The Takeaway   

Fevicreate's body parts activities provide a valuable and imaginative approach to the human body for kids. These hands-on crafts serve as a bridge for young minds to explore intricate concepts through interactive play. With the use of simple materials and art supplies, children can engage their senses, fostering the development of cognitive, motor, and social skills. So, embrace your child’s inner creativity and start their journey to understanding the human body through these exciting arts and crafts.