40+ Simple Science Projects for Kids That Make Learning a Blast

40+ Simple Science Projects for Kids That Make Learning a Blast

Learn Simple Science Craft Activities for Preschool with Fevicreate Guide

Do you have a little Einstein or a mini scientist running around your home wanting to explore the world of science?

We've got you a treasure trove of hands-on experiments that require just basic materials you already have at home. Forget about the hassle of hunting down obscure ingredients or meticulously planning complex experiments with Fevicreate activities.

Our collection of science activities for kids, brought to you by Fevicreate, is designed to be as easy as a pie. With everyday materials found right in your own home, like beads, cotton, paper towels, rubber bands, and more, your kids can embark on an exciting scientific journey.

40+ Simple Science Craft Activities for All Age Groups

Allow your youngsters to embark on an exciting journey as they explore 43 science classroom activities specially designed for them.

1. How to Make Human Digestive System - Science Craft for Kids

Make a simple digestive system craft activity for kids to learn the organs


Want to make learning about the digestive system a treat? Your child can create a colourful human digestive system model craft using a sheet of paper. Watch as they cut, fold, and assemble the different parts, like the stomach and intestines. It's a hands-on way for your little ones to understand the journey of food through our bodies.

2. Day and Night Science Craft with Chart Paper

Make a Day and Night Paper Craft Activity for kids

Day and night, what a sight! Are your kids able to create the sun and moon using coloured chart papers? This science craft activity will help them understand the Earth's rotation, day-night cycle, and celestial bodies. They'll enjoy creating their own sky scene while learning about the wonders of day and night.

Watch your child's crafting skills radiate like the sun and moon with our science craft guide here.

3. Human Body Parts Science Activity for Kids

Human Body Part Science Craft Project

Can your children assemble the human body like a puzzle? Provide them with templates of body parts craft activity and watch as they colour, cut, and piece them together. This interactive craft activity will teach them about our amazing anatomy while having a blast creating their own human body masterpiece.

Unlock the complete and detailed human body parts science craft activity guide here.

4. Learn a Food Habits with Chart Paper - Science Craft Project

Create a Healthy Food Habits Project for Kids

Do you know what happens to your teeth when you eat different types of food? Join us in the Food Habits project for school. With simple materials like felt fabric and chart papers, your kids will discover the effects of different foods on their teeth. It's a colourful and informative project that will make oral hygiene fun. Dive into the food Habits science craft project details and educational tips to embark on a tooth-friendly exploration.

5. Learn a Sense Organs Science Activity with Chart Paper

Simple Science Day Activity to Identify the Sense Organs

Prepare for a sensory adventure like no other! Engage your children in an interactive game that lets them explore their sense organs and how they work. With this simple sense organs, they'll discover the wonders of their senses and deepen their understanding of the world. Allow their curiosity to lead the way as they explore our detailed science craft activity of sense organs guide here. 

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6. Learn a Skeletal System with a Colourful Sheet 

Create the Paper Bones Craft Activity to learn the science concepts

Can your kids identify all the bones of the human body? Unleash their creativity with our skeletal system science craft project using colourful clays to sculpt each bone. They'll have a blast moulding and arranging the bones while learning about the fascinating framework that keeps us upright.

7. Basic Chemical Reactions on Chart Paper - Science Crafts Activity

Learn the Science Paper Classroom Activity for Kids

From different compounds to intriguing chemical reactions, let your children become mad scientists. Through simple science craft activities, they’ll learn about neutralization reactions where acids and bases combine to form salt and water. With fizzing, bubbling reactions, and mesmerizing colour changes, they'll explore the unique properties of these materials, unleashing their inner chemistry geniuses.

Let your kids plunge into the fascinating world of chemistry and chemical reactions craft activity with our complete guide.

8. Simple Science Activity to Learn Types of Tree Roots

Learn how to make human body parts on the paper science craft activity

How well do your kiddos know tree roots? Let them explore the different types of roots in a fun and crafty way. With woollen thread, they can create their tree root and understand the importance of roots for support, absorption, and nourishment.

As parents or educators, it’s your chance to root for them with our in-depth tree root science craft guide available here.

9. Make a Respiratory System Model - Science Classroom Activity

Make a Science Respiratory System Working Model to understand the breathing concepts

Breathe in the excitement of our respiratory system model project. Kids can craft their respiratory system science craft models by just using plastic bottles. Allow them to plunge into the realm of lungs and airways while having a fantastic time with a human lung model. Explore the human lung model science craft project intricacies here to foster their scientific expertise.

10. How to Make Paper Flower Craft with Barbecue Stick

Creative Paper Flower Craft Activity in Simple Steps

Are your kids ready to unleash their inner florist and cultivate a blossoming garden with our paper flower activity? Using colourful crepe paper, they'll learn about the different parts of a flower while having fun crafting their own blossoms.

Get ready to make your paper flower science craft activity with our intricate steps with reference visuals here.

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11. Butterfly Metamorphosis Science Activity

Create a simple Butterfly Metamorphosis science activity for kids

Get ready for a magical transformation with ours butterfly metamorphosis science craft. This activity aims to teach kids about the butterfly life cycle while engaging them in the creative process of crafting beautiful butterflies using colourful materials.

It's a metamorphosis adventure that will make their creativity take flight. Dive into the step-by-step instructions and explore engaging biology craft ideas.

12. Learn the Types of Teeth Model - Science Craft Project for Kids 

Create a clay model of teeth for science project

Join your little dentist-in-training on a tooth-tastic adventure. With moulding clay in hand, they can sculpt and learn about incisors, canines, molars, and more. It's a crafty dental or teeth science activity that's sure to make them smile, creating lasting memories and sparking curiosity along the way.

13. How to Make a Family Tree with Chart Paper

Make a Family Tree Project paper craft activity

Can your children identify their family members on a family tree? If not, try this family tree science craft with them today. Gather photographs of your family members and embark on a craft project that will help them identify all of their family members.

14. Make a Neighbourhood Map - Science Classroom Activity

Make a neighbourhood mapping project for Children

Let your kids become little cartographers with our neighbourhood mapping craft project. With chart paper as their canvas, they'll craft their very own neighbourhood map activity, uncovering landmarks and pathways as they go.

Watch your kids as they embark on a mapping adventure using chart paper with the complete neighbourhood map in a science activity guide right here.

15. Learn to Make a DNA Model Craft - Science Activity for Kids

Learn How to Make a DNA Model with chart paper & Model sticks

Have your kids ever wondered what their DNA looks like? Let's unravel the secret of life with our DNA model craft. Using paper straws, your kids will construct a unique and colourful DNA model, learning about its structure and importance.

It's a twisty and fun adventure into the world of genetics, sparking curiosity and igniting their passion for science.

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16. Chemical Reactions on Card Paper for Kids

 Create a Science Chemical Reactions Paper Craft Activity

Calling all young chemists! Can your children distinguish between physical and chemical changes? Get ready to ignite their curiosity Fevicreate’s chemical reactions science craft activity. Through hands-on experiments, they'll witness the transformation of matter, learn about chemical reactions, and explore their own scientific discoveries with chemistry craft ideas.

Spark your child's curiosity about chemical reactions by heading to our in-depth guide with visuals.

17. Learn How to Make Internal Organs by Clay 

Make a human body internal organs 3d model for school

Are your little scientists eager to discover what's inside their bodies?  Let them unleash the fascinating world of internal organs science activity with our 3D Model of the Human Body craft. Using moulding clay, your kids will create a detailed model of the organs, learning about their functions along the way. It's a hands-on exploration of the human body that will leave them in awe! Watch them create this activity with ease with our step-by-step instructions and visuals.

18. Make a Pollination Science Craft Project

Learn how to make a simple Pollination Craft Activity

Let's create a buzz about bees and pollinators. With this science activity for kids, your little nature enthusiasts can explore the magnetic world of bees. With magnets and barbeque sticks, they'll discover how bees assist in pollination. It's a pollinator craft activity for kids that will make them appreciate the importance of these tiny wonders.

Watch your child's love for nature soar like buzzing bees with our detailed Biology pollinator craft science activity guide available here.

19. Creative Seeds Science Craft Ideas for Kids

Dispersal of Seeds Paper Craft Activity for kids

Can your kids make their own seeds using jute cord and cellophane paper? If not, it’s time to sow the dispersal of seeds of creativity in them. They'll learn about the life cycle of a plant, from seed to sprout, while getting hands-on with this unique seed project. Nurture their creativity to flourish and expand with our comprehensive seed science craft activity guide, complete with all necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for this project.

20. Create Healthy Hygiene Habits with Newspaper

Make a Human Hygiene board Project and Learn how to wash their hands.

Looking for a fun way to reinforce hand hygiene? Let your kids create a handmade hygiene board science craft for school. They can design and decorate a board that reminds everyone to wash their hands thoroughly. It's a creative way to promote cleanliness while emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene. Plus, it's a hands-on learning experience they'll never forget!

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21. How to Make Plant and Nutrition Chart Paper

Make a Paper Plant Nutrition Craft Activity for Classroom

Could your kids transform into budding plant scientists? Absolutely! They can explore the world of plants and nutrition science craft for kids. Using coloured chart papers, they'll create a visually appealing chart that showcases the important nutrients plants need to grow. They'll have a leafy-green time while learning different topics of plants, igniting their curiosity and nurturing their love for botany.

22. Best Out of Waste Art and Craft - Science Craft Project

Reuse Recycle Craft Activity| Best out of waste craft for Kids

Calling all eco-friendly crafters. Your kids can transform waste into wonderful creations with our best out-of-waste science project. Using old CDs, they'll transform waste into beautiful artwork while learning about recycling.

Explore the entire project guide, complete with a video tutorial and visuals.

23. Learn Weather Craft Science Activity for Kids

Make a different Types of Weather Paper Craft Activity for kids to learn about it

Can your little ones identify different weathers? If not, by just using bottle lids, satin ribbons, and cotton, they'll create weather-themed science crafts while learning about different weather phenomena. It's a whirlwind adventure of learning and creativity that will make them little weather experts. Get access to our comprehensive guide here exclusively designed for young learners.

24. How to Make Paper Tortoise with Recycled Bottle

Create a simple paper turtle craft activity for kids

Let your child's imagination swim into the sea with our paper turtle science craft activity. They will create adorable turtles using simple waste materials and learn about the importance of recycling while having a shell of time. Get ready for a craft activity that's both fun and eco-friendly with complete instructions.

25. Learn Types of Chemicals Craft Activity for Kids

Create a Types of Chemicals React on the chart paper for the science classroom activity

Can your children identify chemical reactions like combination and decomposition? Get your kids ready for some fizzy fun with Fevicreate’s types of chemical reaction projects. They'll explore and understand the concepts while creating colourful foam sheet models that showcase the science behind these reactions. Let your child's imagination bubble and fizz with our comprehensive types of chemical reactions science crafts activity guide here.

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26. Best DIY Water Cycle Science Classroom Activity

Water cycle science activity for kids to learn the science concepts

Ready for some watery fun with the water cycle craft? Using colourful chart papers and their imagination, they'll explore evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Watch as they construct their very own water cycle and gain a deeper understanding of this natural process.

Help your child grasp the water cycle effortlessly with our complete water cycle science craft guide right here.

27. Easy to Make Kaleidoscope Craft - Science Classroom Activity

Make a creative science classroom activities of Kaleidoscope Experiment

Can your kids create their own kaleidoscope? If not, get your kids ready to see the world through a kaleidoscope with our DIY craft. They'll explore the wonders of light and symmetry while having a twisty and colourful time.

Explore the full DIY kaleidoscope science craft guide right here.

28. Learn Parts of Plant for Kids - Science Craft Project

Make a simple and attractive Edible Plant Parts Paper Craft Activity

Let your child's understanding of plants grow with our spin-the-wheel edible parts of a plant craft science activity. They'll explore different parts of plants that they can eat while spinning the wheel, sparking curiosity and learning in a fun and interactive way.

29. Create a DIY Dustbin with Newspaper - Science Activity for Kids

Make a Simple DIY Dustbin Craft to teach kids how to use it

Can your kids turn trash into treasure? Now they can! Using  Fevicol MR  and newspapers, they'll create their own dustbins while learning about the importance of cleanliness and waste management. It's a craft activity that will keep their space clean and green.

Discover the complete dustbin science craft activity guide with relevant images and in-depth steps here.

30. How to Make Periscope - Science Craft Ideas for Kids

Periscope DIY Craft Project for Kids

Are your kiddos ready to see around corners? Kids will learn about reflection and angles while having a blast making their own periscope science craft. Peek around obstacles like a super-spy and discover the magic of mirrors. Dive into the world of angles and reflections craft ideas.

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31. Light Experiment on Chart Paper - Science Craft for Kids

Simple Types of Light Physics Craft with Fun Activity

Get ready for a dazzling adventure into the world of light. Encourage your kids to let their creativity of lights as they design a hexagon and learn different topics of light such as reflection, refraction, light energy, prism, etc. Through colourful reflections and captivating shadows, they'll discover the properties of light science craft while showcasing their artistic talents. 

Let their imaginations sparkle brightly with our in-depth light science craft activity guide here.

32. How to Make Motion and Time Craft Activity for Kids

Distance and time Paper craft activity for kids to learn the motion concepts

Are your kids up for graphing speed, time, and distance? Get them ready to race against time with the motion and time science craft project. They'll embark on a thrilling journey as they plot the data and create a graph that showcases the relationship between these factors. 

33. Learn Photosynthesis Model Science Craft for Kids

Make a Photosynthesis Science Craft Activity with Paper

Watch as your little ones become biology-inspired plant engineers, unraveling the secret behind plants making their own food. They'll create their own miniature gardens and the magic of photosynthesis unfold in a craft activity. Through sunlight, water, and air, they'll learn how plants thrive and grow.

Are your kids ready for some science fun? Dive them into our green adventure science craft activity guide right away.

34. How to Make Food Chain Craft Activity for Kids

How to Make a science food chain Classroom Activity for Kids

Who's eating who? Find this out with Fevicreate’s food chain science craft project and jump into the wild world of ecosystems. Kids can create their own food chains with paper cups. Explore the circle of life in a fun, hands-on way. Discover step-by-step instructions here to uncover the intricacies of ecosystem dynamics.

35. How to Make Silkworm with Chart Paper

Create a Silk Material Daily Use Craft Activity

Wish to teach your kids where the materials we use daily come from? Let's dive into the world of sericulture, cocoons, and pupas with our materials of daily use craft. With simple materials like yarn and cardboard, your kids will create their own sericulture set and learn about the journey from silkworm to silk. It's a silky-smooth adventure into the world of textiles, and your kids can explore it right away with this guide on silkworm science craft.

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36. Learn Sense of Touch Craft Activity for Kids

Make a Fun Sense of Touch Craft for Kids

Ready to discover the wonders of touch? Kids will explore textures by creating a sensory board and identifying rice grains, beads, and sand. It's an adventure that helps them understand the world through their fingertips.

Explore sensory exploration right here to awaken your kid’s senses with a sense of touch science craft activities.

37. How to Make an Atomic Model Science Craft Project

Atomic Model Timeline Craft Activity for Children to learn the science Concepts

Time to go atomic! Have your little ones ever wondered how atoms come together to form matter? Let them travel through time with ours atomic model timeline. Using foam balls and clay, your kids will build a timeline of atomic models, learning about the progression of our understanding of atoms.

It's a scientific expedition that will make them feel like time-traveling chemists. Watch them build this with our step-by-step instructions available for the atomic model timeline science craft activity.

38. Easy Science Craft Project to Separating Mixture

Learn How to Make Separating Mixture Science Project for School

Unleash your kids' inner science detectives as they solve the mystery of mixed-up materials. Using everyday household items, they'll separate mixtures like salt and sand, pouring, filtering, and uncovering hidden treasures.

Let them dive into the excitement of investigation by checking out our comprehensive science craft guide for separating mixtures here.

39. DIY Phases of the Moon Craft - Science Activity for Kids

Learn DIY Phases of the Moon Activity | Moon Paper Craft

Does your child know the different phases of the moon? Join us in a whimsical exploration of the lunar phases. This science classroom activity guides your kids through creating different phases of the moon using paper plates and satin ribbons. Let's embark on this celestial journey together!

40. Create a Home with Chart Paper Craft Activity

Make a Paper Home Craft for Kids Activity

Let's create a Paper House using waste cartons and paper cups! Your kids will design and decorate their own little houses, all while learning about recycling and sustainability in the process with the Paper House science craft. It's a creative project that will transform waste into a charming home. 

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41. Make a Family Tree - Science Craft Project for Kids

Family Tree Craft for Preschoolers with Ice-Cream Sticks

Are your preschoolers curious about their family history? Let's dive into the world of genealogy with our family tree science craft. Using ice cream sticks and coloured paper, your little ones will create their own family trees, learning about their relatives and the concept of family. It's a heartwarming activity that will strengthen their sense of identity.

42. Create a Model of Internal Organs - Science Craft Activity

Make a Human Digestive System Clay Model to Understand the Different Body Parts of Organs

Explore the fascinating world of digestion with ours human digestive system clay model. Kids can mold their own digestive systems science craft with clay while learning how their bodies process food. It's a tasty adventure from start to finish. Discover the project details and instructions to sculpt your way through the digestive system.

And It’s a Wrap!

Get ready for a world of scientific wonder with these 43 simple yet incredibly fun science activities for kids! From exploring the mysteries of the human body to embarking on interstellar adventures, there's no limit to the excitement and learning in store. And guess what? Fevicreate Blogs have a treasure trove of other captivating activities waiting for your curious young minds. So, keep the exploration going, and let your little scientists continue their journey of discovery, one experiment at a time.