Back Ignite Your Kid’s Creativity with 5 Cosmic Rocket Crafts

Ignite Your Kid’s Creativity with 5 Cosmic Rocket Crafts

5 Rocket Craft Ideas - DIY Craft Activity

Are your children fascinated by the wonders of space and the thrill of rockets? 

To explore new worlds and seek out what lies beyond their own planet has been a captivating thought for almost every child. It's natural that kids would want to channel their inner astronauts while engaging in rocket crafts with some extra pizazz.  

That's why Fevicreate brings you 5 exciting rocket craft ideas that are out of this world and are sure to ignite your child’s creativity.  

5 Rocket Crafts that Propel Imagination in Your Kids 

Whether you're seeking a fun-filled way to pass the time or looking to expand your kid’s knowledge of rockets, these crafts offer an ideal blend of creativity and educational value.  

Rocket Toran Craft for Kids  


Wondering how to make a space rocket toran? Then, buckle up and get ready to blast off into a world of creativity with the rocket toran craft from Fevicreate. This fun and unique activity will develop your kid’s fine motor skills and spark their love for crafting. 

The materials needed for this rocket paper craft are:  

  • Fevistik 

  • coloured chart papers 

  • Paper cutter 

  • Barbeque stick  

  • Fairy lights 

  • Pencil  

  • Scale  

  • Compass 

  • Scissors  

Choose your favourite hues and refer to the provided template in our activity guide for guidance. Experiment with various chart paper colours to craft multiple rockets. Once your designs are complete, add fairy lights to bring these celestial creations to life.  

Follow our detailed step-by-step instructions and transform your home into a cosmic wonderland with your very own DIY rocket toran craft for Diwali Decoration

Rocket Craft with Fairy Lights 

 Make a Paper DIY for Kids Space Rocket Craft with Light

Get ready for an electrifying adventure with Fevicreate’s fairy lights incorporated Rocket Craft. With this hands-on activity, kids can unleash their creativity and learn about design and problem-solving all while having a blast building their very own rocket.  

The materials needed for this rocket craft for kids include:  

  • Fevicol MR 

  • Rangeela Tempera Colours 

  • box board or chart paper 

  • Pencil 

  • Scale 

  • Scissors 

  • Fairy lights with a battery-operated function  

Start by cutting out the rocket shape from a box board or chart paper. Use Fevicol MR and Rangeela Tempera Colours to decorate the rocket. Attach fairy lights with a battery-operated function for a dazzling effect. Finally, refine the details using a pencil, scale, and scissors. 

Get into the details of this DIY paper rocket craft with battery operated fairy lights with our in-depth guide and get ready for an out-of-this-world rocket adventure. 

DIY Rocket Piggy Bank Craft  

DIY How to Make a Rocket Piggy Bank Craft for Kids

Get those creative juices flowing with the DIY rocket piggy bank craft. Kids can learn the importance of saving money while having a blast designing their own rocket-shaped piggy bank. Watch as their imagination takes off with this rocket-making craft that combines fun with financial lessons. 

Gather materials such as:

  • Fevicol MR 

  • Fevicryl Acrylic Colour White 

  • Plastic bottle  

  • Coloured chart paper 

  • Fevicryl 3D Outliner Black 

  • Pencil 

  • Scissors 

  • Paper cutter 

  • Felt pen 

Cut a slot on the plastic bottle for coins, then cover it with coloured chart paper using Fevicol MR. Decorate with Fevicryl Acrylic Colour White and Fevicryl 3D Outliner Black. Refine details with a pencil and scissors. Label the piggy bank with a felt pen, and it's complete. 

Encourage kids to save money in their rocket-shaped piggy bank made up of plastic bottle, acrylic white colours by following our detailed guide here. 

Space Rocket with an Upcycled Box  

Build your Own Recycle Space Rocket | Science Activity for Kids

Ever wondered how to turn an ordinary box into a rocket ship? Dive into a world of creativity with the space rocket in an upcycled box. Kids can learn about the importance of reusing materials while having fun designing their very own space shuttle.  

To create this paper rocket craft, use materials such:  

  • Fevicol MR 

  • Upcycled box 

  • Gold craft paper 

  • Coloured chart papers 

  • Coloured corrugated sheets 

  • Cotton 

  • Scale 

  • Pencil 

  • Scissors 

Cut a window on one side of the box and cover it with chart paper. Create the elements of the rocket as shown on our activity page on different chart papers, gold craft paper, and corrugated sheets. Add fins from coloured corrugated sheets and glue them to the bottom. Decorate with coloured chart paper shapes and cotton "smoke" at the bottom. Use a pencil and scissors to refine details as needed. 

With our DIY Carboard, paper space rocket craft with step-by-step instructions, your upcycled box can be transformed into a fantastic space rocket ship ready for adventures. 

Paper Rocket Messenger  

How to Make Paper Rockets for Kids | DIY Diwali Rockets

Learning has never been this exciting! Introducing the DIY paper rocket messenger, a fun way for them to learn about rockets while having a blast. They'll be delighted as they send messages with their own rockets.  

This rocket papercraft needs:  

  • Fevicol MR

  • Barbeque stick 

  • Fevicryl Glitter liner 

  • Pencil 

  • Scissors 

  • Scale 

Cut out a paper rocket shape and decorate it with glitter liner. Attach a barbeque stick to the rocket using Fevicol MR. Write your message and load the rocket. 

Get ready to launch your festive wishes with Fevicreate’s paper rocket craft (Diwali Activity) with detailed guide. 

And it’s a Wrap!  

There you have it, all exciting rocket crafts to nurture your kid's creative mind. Your little munchkins can now step into a world where imagination takes flight with our simple and engaging rocket craft ideas. Watch as your kids get lost in a galaxy of creativity, exploring the vast realms of space. Spark their curiosity, ignite their passion for discovery, and launch their dreams towards the stars.