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How Art & Craft helps with holistic development of children

Introduction to art and crafts can be a great start in getting kids involved in a variety of concepts without the pressure of inducing forced concepts. It evokes the child’s curiosity, it lets them think, interpret, ask questions, and come to a solution.

Experiential learning allows an in-depth understanding of the surroundings where the child is looking around and adapting. This process of learning and adapting goes on till the age of five and it then keeps on evolving as they grow older, meet people, make friends.

Kids are majorly involved in the concept of traditional studying in India but Fevicreate here to break the stereotypes of traditional studying. We believe in making the learning experience a fun session where they are engaged and involved in understanding themselves better.

Top Skills that the child picks up thought Art & Craft-

  1. Problem-solving: If the child is creating some art and craft project, even though it may seem difficult to the child. she may not leave it halfway. Completing the process is important but the outcome of every child is going to be different- but Children learn to tackle the various obstacles and find innovative ways to complete their projects
  2. Play-based learning: For a child, it’s just a fun activity but it’s like hitting two targets with just one arrow. A kid’s curious nature puts them in a situation of asking questions. They also tend to remember it better because it is them who are directly involved than any other external pressure of mugging up or being forced to learn something.
  3. Developing motor skills: The constant usage of their hands for cutting precisely, painting or colouring or folding papers helps them to refine their motor skills. Initially, they won't be perfect, but they will surely get better with everyday practice and learning.
  4. Social and Emotional learning: Social and emotional learning has got to do more with interaction, you don’t want your child to be sitting in one corner and not doing anything. Along with being curious and asking questions, they also learn how to interact among their friends and how to emotionally be there for them.
  5. Boosts creativity: Being surrounded by papers, colours and many other stationery items, possibilities of creations are endless. Being in such an environment, automatically ensures the child's Creativity is boosted & their imagination is more vivid.
  6. Cleanliness: When a child creates a mess in the room with all the materials that were used. it is important to teach them to clear the mess. Cleaning the mess will help them to clarify the space in the room and also help them to mentally sort out their thoughts as they grow older.

Children making Paper Craft
Art and craft enhance their thought process and ability to think and imagine better. Fevicreate ensures that studying is a fun process, being able to do your craft and a little help from the adults takes them on a long self-journey just to be moulded into better human beings.

As our motto goes ‘Learning by doing, we will only know about things when we start doing and after we are done we are left with an experience that will only help us to get better.

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