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Seasons Greetings Card

Create this pretty season greeting cards for your loved ones.

Paper Crafting Brand me 30 to 60 mins 3 to 5 years Art & Craft Class 2

Steps to Create this Activity

Steps to Create this Activity

Step - 01

Take an A5 size blue chart paper and fold it to make a greeting card. As shown in ten image draw the elements of Hot air balloon using a sketch pen. Also draw small clouds on a white chart paper.

Step - 02

Take 5 different chart papers of the size you want the balloon to be in. Fold it into half and draw half heart on one side as shown using a pencil.

Step - 03

Keeping the papers folded cut the shape to get a full heart shape. Also cut out the small clouds.

Step - 04

At the creased part apply Fevistik and stick all the hearts as shown in the image to get a relief fanfold heart.

Step - 05

Stick the heart balloon in the card using Fevistik and leave it to dry.