Fevicreate Science Activities let you explore the cross-disciplinary learning with creative science art activities for curious kids. Not only would this creating journey increase knowledge of the scientific world but will also lead to willingness to discover and experiment.

Mixed Media Environment More than 60 mins 9 to 14 years Science Class 8

Steps to Create this Activity

Steps to Create this Activity

Step - 01

To create the house structures, take recycled box available at home or create the shape from mount board house as shown. Now to create roof, refer to cut out shown in picture and cut mount board or any waste material like box, corrugated sheet

Step - 02

Using Fevicol A+, assemble it as shown. Similarly, you can create a variant of house with different type of roof as shown. Now with the help of pencil draw the details of house such as windows and door

Step - 03

Using Fevicryl Acrylic Colour of your choice paint the houses with the help of fine art brushes.

Step - 04

To create trees, take bottle cap, paper straw, newspaper &coloured chart paper of your choice. Now take paper straw and wrap a strip of newspaper coil around the straw and stick it onto the bottle using Fevicol A+. Now using Fevicryl Acrylic Colour paint the stem with the help of fine art brushes. Now take coloured chart paper to create coconut leaves. Now insert leaves into straw and stick it using Fevicol A+ as shown and let it dry.

Step - 05

To create streetlights, take bottle caps, paper straw, and quilling strips. To create streetlight take straw construct into angular manner as shown using Fevicol A+, now stick it onto bottle cap and let it dry, take a quilling strip & coil it around the stand as shown. Now take any bright coloured chart paper of your choice cut into circle give slit and form a conical shape and seal it using Fevicol A+. Further stick it onto the stand and let it dry.

Step - 06

To create petrol pump, take two recycled small boxes make sure they similar in size, now cover them with white chart paper, take felt pen and give details as shown. Now to create petrol filter pipe take any cord or shoe lace cut into proportion to the box. Now to create shed for petrol pump take a piece of mount to create base, white chart paper to create roof and stand can be made from straw or newspaper coil.

Step - 07

To create biogas tank, take any circular lids available of toothpaste cap, paper straw, assemble it together using Fevicol A+ as shown. Now colour the straw using Fevicryl acrylic Colour of your choice with the help of fine art brushes and let it dry

Step - 08

To create solar panel, take mount board, bottle cap, any cord and paper straw. Take a piece of mount board cut out in sqaure shape now stick metallic finished blue craft paper onto it using Fevicol A+. Further take Fevicryl 3D Outliner white and make grid of dots as shown , to make the stand, take paper straw and bottle cap assemble all together make sure panel is stuck in an angular manner. Now paint the stand using Fevicryl Acrylic Colour of your choice. To make other attachments take paper straw cut and stick in an angular manner and paint it using Fevicryl Acrylic Colour

Step - 09

To create roads, take coloured chart paper black cut out into thick strips and make dotted lines in the centre with the help of Fevicryl Acrylic Colour

Step - 10

Using Fevicol A+, assemble all the elements on a sheet of mount board covered in coloured chart paper of your choice. Lable each part of the energy model to complete the project. Explain the working of each form of energy and its uses and how it is beneficial for the environment to use renewable source of energy.