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Fevicreate Art & Craft Activities are structured activities that involve a step by step method to create an end product. This crafting journey gives you something to show, you enjoy your journey and get a sense of achievement too. What more can one ask for!

Mixed Media Environment 30 to 60 mins 9 to 14 years Art & Craft Class 8

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

Take a big plastic bottle, cut it into 2 parts, keeping the top part small as seen in the final image. Using a pair of scissors make petal like cut outs on the smaller part of the bottle.

Step - 02

Make a window cut out on the larger part of the bottle for the birds to enter.

Step - 03

Paint the two halves of the bottles from inside with colours you like and leave it to dry.

Step - 04

Make scallops on the top part of the bottle a kind of bee hive look to give the effect of a roof. Do this by using 3D Cone Outliners of your choice.

Step - 05

Write “HOME SWEET HOME” or any other phrase that comes to your mind on the front part of your bird house.

Step - 06

Stick the top part of the bird house to the main part using Fabric Glue and leave it to dry.