Sense Organs learning Science activity

Learn about sense organs from this fun and creative Science drawing activity, suitable for Class 5 kids

Paper Crafting Science 30 to 60 mins 9 to 14 years Science Class 5

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

Take a long strip of paper measuring 48cms x 10cms

Step - 02

Fan fold the paper into six equal parts, the strip of paper should look like an accordion

Step - 03

Refer to the image above and draw the five sense organs on every alternate page

Step - 04

Cut out fifteen colourful squares that will fit in the accordion

Step - 05

On two squares paint different colours. Write down the function of the eyes. For example, we use our eyes to see and differentiate between colours. Draw a picture of a dog barking, a trumpet, a car honking and other sounds that you might hear during the day. Write down the function of the ears. For example, we use our ears to listen to music. For the sense of smell, stick flower petals, rub garlic paste on the page or spray perfume lightly on the page. For the sense of taste, draw the pictures of your favourite fruits or food items like papaya, palak paneer, etc. For the sense of touch, stick different textures of cloth like velvet, cotton, and silk, an old rag cloth, handmade paper, etc.

Step - 06

Cut two cardboard pieces of the same length and width. Cover it with a chart paper of your choice.

Step - 07

Decorate it using quilling strips or any material of your choice.

Step - 08

Stick all the previously made squares accordingly on the accordion with FevicolMR. Also, write the function of every sense organ with a pen