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Quilled Dream Catcher

Craft your quilling dream catcher with Fevicreate's creative dream catcher craft ideas for kids. Click here to do a fun craft activity.

Paper Crafting Brand me 30 to 60 mins 9 to 14 years Art & Craft Class 6

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Take a Coloured Quilling Strips for DIY Dream Catcher

Step - 01

To quilled create dream catcher, take coloured quilling strips of your choice.

Create Circular Beams for DIY Quilling

Step - 02

With the help of colored quilling strips of your choice, create three circular beams with diameters measuring 10cm, 6cm, and 3cm using Fevicol MR.

Stick the Strips to Create Quilling Dream Catcher Craft

Step - 03

To create the center piece, take coloured quilling strips of your choice. Attach multiple quilling strips using Fevicol MR to make a big closed coil. With the help of a barbecue stick, start rolling the strip inwards and seal the edges using Fevicol MR. Ensure not to lose the grip while rolling, and make sure the closed coil made is proportionate to the smaller circular beam. Similarly, using the quilling strips, create multiple shapes:Petal shape: Loosen the coil a little and pinch it from either side.,Eye shape: Create a coil and pinch from any two sides.Heart-like shape: Create a coil, keeping one side pointy, and curve the ends above as shown in the image.Make sure to adjust the sizes of these shapes proportionately.

Create Circular Beams for DIY Quilling

Step - 04

Using Fevicol MR, arrange the quilling pieces inside the circular beam structures as shown in the image.

Stick the Rest of the Pieces for Quilling Craft

Step - 05

Similarly, follow the same procedure to stick the rest of the quilling pieces as shown in the image.

Take Kite Papers for DIY Dream Catcher for Kids

Step - 06

To create tassels, take any two colored kite papers, draw and cut out strips with a width of approximately 2 inches. Overlap the strips and cut out fringes with the help of scissors.

Roll the Strips to Creat Dream Catcher Craft Ideas

Step - 07

Roll the fringed strips into a coil and seal the edges with the help of Fevicol MR. Attach any cord to the center of the tassel using Fevicol MR. Similarly, create two more tassels of different sizes.

Handmade Quilled Dream Catcher Craft is Ready for Kids

Step - 08

Now assemble the tassels below using Fevicol MR, let it dry, and attach a cord holder to the structure as shown. Your handmade quilled dream catcher is ready!