School Building Craft Activity for Kids

Learn how to make a school building craft activity and create a personalized My School craft with Fevicreate. Explore the joy of crafting your school memories!

Mixed Media Paper Crafting 30 to 60 mins 6 to 8 years Science Class 1

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

Take green, dark green and brown coloured crepe papers

Step - 02

Tear the brown crepe papers into bits, crumple the other two into small ball and keep them aside

Step - 03

Roll some papers into paper straws with a barbecue stick and paste the ends with Fevicol A+

Step - 04

Cut out the straws neatly with the help of safety scissors

Step - 05

Paint the straws with Rangeela Tempera Colours

Step - 06

Stick all the elements as shown above with Fevicol A+. Make the doors, windows and other elements with quilling strips and stick them on the crepe school with Fevicol A+.

Step - 07

Cut out a circle from the foam sheet and some yellow quilling strips for the sun and its rays

Step - 08

Make some fences for the school using the ice cream sticks and stick them all with Fevicol A+

Step - 09

Cut out grass from a green chart paper and keep them aside

Step - 10

Stick the elements with Fevicol A+ and our school crepe paper craft is ready