Plant Nutrition Chart Activity for Kids

Learn about nutrition in plants with Fevicreate, including a helpful plant nutrition chart for understanding essential elements.

Paper Crafting Life More than 60 mins 9 to 14 years Science Class 8

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

Draw three circles on the white chart paper, such that each circle is smaller than the other (20 cms, 16 cms and 14 cms).

Step - 02

Cut out these circles with the help of safety scissors and divide the circles in to five equal parts. Draw a smaller circle in the centre to hold the dial. Follow the above image for a better understanding. On the 14 cms and 16 cms circle cut out the slits along the divided lines.

Step - 03

Take six different shades of chart paper.

Step - 04

Draw the outline of each divided portion and the central circle of the 14 cms circle.

Step - 05

Cut out these colourful papers with a pair of scissors.

Step - 06

Stick all the cut out coloured paper on the 14 cms circle with Fevicol Ele.

Step - 07

Fill in all the details of the plants on the other circles with pencil (14cms circle will have the question, 16cms circle will have images for the example, 20 cms circle will have the description of each question).

Step - 08

Decorate and outline all the circles with coloured felt pens.

Step - 09

Cut out the printed images of the plants.

Step - 10

Stick them under the appropriate example from the front dial.

Step - 11

Stick the 16 cms circle above the 20 cms circle with Fevicol Ele.