Nitrogen Cycle Project Activity- Science Craft

Learn the Nitrogen Cycle with a hands-on project craft for kids! Discover the Science of Nitrogen with fun and creativity. Click now to make Science fun.

Paper Crafting Environment More than 60 mins 9 to 14 years Science Class 8

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

Take a white A3 sheet and fold it into half.

Step - 02

Draw a rectangle from the folded end measuring 10.5cms x 22cms (leaving 4cms from each side).

Step - 03

Cut the 10.5cms portion with scissors and open it.

Step - 04

Push the middle portion towards the inside such that it looks like a pop up card.

Step - 05

Paint it with Rangeela Tempera Colours (Blue, Green, Brown) as shown in the picture above.

Step - 06

Draw the images of the cows, grass, clouds and lightning on the respective coloured chart papers (refer to the image above).

Step - 07

Paint the cloud and the cow with Rangeela Tempera Colours Black.

Step - 08

Cut out all the elements with the help of safety scissors.

Step - 09

Stick them on the pop up card as shown in the image above with Fevicol Ele.

Step - 10

Make labels for the Nitrogen Cycle on pink and white quilling strips.

Step - 11

Stick the labels accordingly and make the appropriate arrows with the black marker.