Anatomy of Heart

Learn how to make a Human Heart model project using a mount board and quilling Strips. Click here to learn the interesting anatomy of the heart by Fevicreate.

Paper Crafting Brand me 30 to 60 mins 9 to 14 years Science Class 8

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Take a corrugated Sheet of Mount Board to Make a Human Heart Project

Step - 01

To create the anatomy of the heart, take a sheet of mount board, draw & cut out a diagram of a rectangle measuring it into A5 size.

Draw a Diagram of the Human Heart on the Mount Board

Step - 02

Draw the diagram of heart anatomy by referring to the template given.

Take Quilling Strips and Roll in the Shape of a Petal Shape, Triangle Shape or Dome Shape

Step - 03

Take a quilling strip and roll it into tight coils using a barbecue stick. Start rolling the strip inwards and seal the edges with Fevicol MR. Ensure you do not lose your grip while rolling. Create multiple shapes using quilling strips: Petal Shape: Loosen the coil slightly and pinch it from either side. Eye Shape: Create a coil and pinch it from any two sides. Triangle Shape: Create a coil and pinch it from three sides. Dome Shape: Pinch the coil from both ends of either side. Rectangle Shape: pinch the coil from all four sides as shown. Make sure to adjust the sizes of these shapes proportionately as per the diagram drawn.

Using Fevicol MR, Stick Quilled Shapes on the Human Heart Project

Step - 04

Using Fevicol MR, stick the quilled shapes as per the diagram.

Fevicreate DIY Anatomy of Human Heart Model is Ready !

Step - 05

Similarly, fill-up the diagram as shown in the image using Fevicol MR & let it dry. Your handmade anatomy of heart structure is ready!

Step - 06

Design Template.