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Fevicreate Art & Craft Activities are structured activities that involve a step by step method to create an end product. This crafting journey gives you something to show, you enjoy your journey and get a sense of achievement too. What more can one ask for!

Paper Crafting Brand me 10 to 30 mins 6 to 8 years Art & Craft Class 2

Steps to Create this Activity

Steps to Create this Activity

Step - 01

To create kite frame, draw a square of 10cm approximately, and follow the other detailing as shown.

Step - 02

Cut them with scissors

Step - 03

Using Fevistik, stick the cut-out edges from three sides and let it dry.

Step - 04

To enhance, create comic expression as shown using coloured chart paper of your choice and googly eyes and stick it using Fevistik and let it dry. Now cut out kite tail of any contrast colour of your choice and stick and let it dry .

Step - 05

Similarly create 2-3 kite frames with different comic expressions of your choice. Now with the help of single hole punch, punch holes one on top and bottom in the centre as shown. Take the cord insert through the holes as shown and attach keychain hook above as shown. To enhance stick tassels in between using coloured chart papers of your choice. Handmade wall hanging is ready !