Motion and Time

Fevicreate Science Activities let you explore the cross-disciplinary learning with creative science art activities for curious kids. Not only would this creating journey increase knowledge of the scientific world but will also lead to willingness to discover and experiment.

Paper Crafting Space More than 60 mins 9 to 14 years Science Class 7

Steps to Create this Activity

Steps to Create this Activity

Step - 01

Draw a triangle on an A3 size paper

Step - 02

Stick quilling strips as shown with Fevicol MR

Step - 03

Cut out two more concentric triangle and stick them one above the other

Step - 04

Write the formula as shown with a felt pen

Step - 05

On thin strips of paper write ‘TIME’, ‘SPEED’ and ‘DISTANCE’ with Fevicryl 3D Outliner

Step - 06

Stick them as shown with Fevicol MR

Step - 07

Similarly, make the graph as shown for the activity.