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Learn How to Make Republic Day Torch Bunting Fevicreate

Fevicreate Art & Craft Activities are structured activities that involve a step-by-step method to create an end product. This crafting journey gives you something to show, you enjoy your journey and get a sense of achievement too. What more can one ask for!

Mixed Media Celebration 30 to 60 mins 6 to 8 years Art & Craft Class 4

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

To create the torch, take a sheet of brown chart paper. Referring to the template given, draw the diagram with the help of scale and pencil.

Step - 02

Cut it with scissors and fold the flaps with the help of scale.

Step - 03

Take tri colours kite papers proportionate to the torch structure. Now draw and cut out flame shapes as shown in the image.

Step - 04

Using Fevicol A+, stick outs as shown in the image.

Step - 05

Using Fevicol A+, seal edges of the torch flaps to create the 3D structure of the torch.

Step - 06

Using Fevicol A+, stick ice cream sticks on all four sides and let them dry.

Step - 07

Create four more similar torches. You will need 5 battery operated fairy lights.

Step - 08

Stuff some newspapers till the level of torch flames to fill the hollow space. Then attach fairy lights above it as shown in the image using Glue Drops.

Step - 09

Take blue chart paper and cut out a strip with width of 1” approx. Make sure the height of the strip is long enough to stick all the torches.

Step - 10

Using Fevicol A+, stick torches onto the strip as shown and let it dry. Take any coloured ribbon create a loop and stick it behind. Handmade torch bunting is ready!