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Learn How to Make Diwali Tabletop Lamp Fevicreate

Fevicreate Art & Craft Activities are structured activities that involve a step-by-step method to create an end product. This crafting journey gives you something to show, you enjoy your journey and get a sense of achievement too. What more can one ask for!

Mixed Media Celebration 30 to 60 mins 9 to 14 years Art & Craft Class 8

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

.To create the table top lamp, make tissue mâché. Take a bowl and add pieces of some tissue papers in it.

Step - 02

Add some water, until tissue paper pieces are soaked.

Step - 03

.Drain out the excess water, add Fevicol MR to the pulp, mix it well until it becomes like dough. Make sure the tissue paper mâché is fine enough as shown in the image.

Step - 04

Referring to the template given create a trapezium out tissue Mache over OHP Sheet.

Step - 05

Referring to the template given create elements with different types of cords. Make sure to create it while the tissue mâché is semi dried. Once design inserted let it dry completely.

Step - 06

Similarly, create four panel using the same procedure referring to the template given.

Step - 07

Using Rangeela Tempera Colour of your choice paint the panels as shown and let it dry.

Step - 08

Now peel of the cords as shown.

Step - 09

.To create into 3d structure apply a layer of tissue papers between each panel as shown using Fevicol MR.

Step - 10

Your handmade tabletop structure is ready! Insert some battery operated tea light..

Step - 11

Design Template