Soil Profile Project for Layers of the Soil

Create the different layers of the soil by making an easy Soil profile project. Click now to make Science and school fun with Fevicreate.

Mixed Media Environment More than 60 mins 6 to 8 years Science Class 3

Steps to Create this Activity

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Steps to Create this Activity

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Step - 01

Take some colourful chart papers and an empty tissue paper roll tube

Step - 02

Cut four strips of paper (refer to the lesson plan to know ‘why?’ which colour is used where?) to wrap around the tissue paper roll tube

Step - 03

Crumple all the papers well and keep them aside

Step - 04

Stick all the papers on the empty tissue roll tube with Fevicol A+

Step - 05

Crumple small balls out of grey and black chart paper. Cut out small leaves from the green chart paper and also a base for the tree to stand, out of a brown chart paper

Step - 06

Stick all the elements on the tissue paper roll as shown above with Fevicol A+

Step - 07

Cut out a few green chart papers to make the tree’s crown

Step - 08

Stick all the tree’s crown together with Fevicol A+ above a bunch of jute cords

Step - 09

Slowly insert the tree into the base and then into the tube. Our Layers of Soil diorama is ready!