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Paper Crafting English 30 to 60 mins 3 to 5 years English Pre-Primary

Steps to Create this Activity

Steps to Create this Activity

Step - 01

Draw and paint different elements like flower, balloon, cap and star with Rangeela Tempera Colours

Step - 02

Cut them out in circular shape with the help of scissors

Step - 03

Write the name of the topic on a small rectangular paper and then outline the alphabets with Fevicryl 3D Outliner

Step - 04

Cut out the pipe cleaner into smaller sizes

Step - 05

Take an A3 size paper and stick quilling strips on the edges of the paper with Fevicol MR

Step - 06

Stick the topic on top with Fevicol MR. Accordingly, stick the rest of the elements and write the answer on a small labels. Stick them all with Fevicol MR. Our Describing Words chart is ready!