Make Your Own Little Horsey

My Little Horsey is an amazing DIY offering making use of waste material

that would have come out of your own home.

This is a special limited edition kit that will enable the child to make a large  3D horsey exactly like the one made by the boy in the TVC. The child can  make this and keep it in his home. It is a fun activity for the parent and the  child to create. Everything needed to make the horsey is within the kit  itself.


Large Craft Paper Tube – 1 N, Small Craft Paper Tube – 2 N  Corrugated Craft Paper – 1 N, Plastic Button – 2 N

Paper Quilling Strips – 30 N, Metallic Décor – 1 Pkt  Ribbon – 1 N, Wool – 2 N, PU Leather – 2 N

Jute Cloth – 2 N, Felt Cloth – 1 N, White String – 1 N

Ice Cream Sticks – 27 N, A+ – 30 ml, Instruction Manual

Mrp – 299/-

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