For Mothers & Students

Fevicreate is your ultimate crafting destination that aims to help you with school projects, hands-on learning, self-expression, social responsibility and at any crafting challenges that you may face on the way! Our aim has always been to use craft as a tool to make learning simpler and help with your child’s development.

Did someone say craft? We can help with your school projects, personalised gifts ideas, as well as when you decide to make something useful from the waste. Fevicreate is your go-to hub for everything craft. Head on to the projects page to check out and get started!

Choosing the right project is as good as half done. So, for the ease of understanding, we’ve categorised all our projects into three levels – Easy, Medium and Difficult. Each of these levels are carefully categorised, taking into consideration the grade your child is studying in.

We love beginners and to ensure they love us back, the project pages lists down every minute detail you would need during the execution phase. Estimated time required for the project, difficulty level, list of supplies and a step-by-step instructions guide that will help you execute the project is available for each project. If you’ve never given crafting a try, now is the right time!

Crafting acts as a channel to develop skills such as creativity, self-expression, emotional processing, concentration, learning, planning and dexterity in children. The process from ideation to detailing and completing of their crafts helps the creators with planning, following the instructions, adapting as well as socializing in the process of crafting. It further helps in developing the ability to think differently in a problem, conceptualize visually, think different and think better. All of this, with loads of fun!

We’d love to showcase your child’s creation on our wall of fame. Be it your version or a completely new project that you build, we love it all! Head over to our projects page and hit the upload a project button. Choose the type of file you want to upload and follow the instructions on the page and done! In case if you get stuck, you can always reach us from the Contact Us page.

For Teachers

Educating has never been a child’s play and in this journey of educating, Fevicreate aims to ease your life when it comes to crafting. Our project pages are a great source of inspiration for teachers that also come with a step-by-step guide for all projects. Each of these projects are further carefully categorised into levels, taking into consideration the grade your plan to teach.

The Fevicreate Guide is the ultimate crafting guide a craft teacher would ever require. Along with countless project ideas, the guide also contains every minute details such as the supplies list and a step-by-step picture guide to make your project come alive. The guide also helps you systematically conduct and evaluate the projects. What’s more? You can even bookmark, download and print them as per your convenience.

The Fevicreate guide comes with a number of projects for one to refer to. For the ease of understanding, all the projects listed come with essential details such as the level of difficulty and the time taken for each project. Head over to the products page, choose your favourite one and you would have all the details right there.

All the projects listed on the projects page have been marked with a difficulty level, i.e. Easy, Medium and Intermediate along with all the detailed information being available on the project listing pages. With the step-by-step picture guide, we have made it as easy as it can get, to ensure even beginners are comfortable with starting a project without any hesitation.

Fret not! We’re just a click away. Head on to the contact page, send us your query details along with basic contact information and we will get back to you with the solution, usually within one business day.

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