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Why Crafting?

Crafting acts as a channel to help children with: creativity, self-expression, emotional processing, concentration, learning, planning skills and dexterity.

The ideation, detailing and completing of their crafts helps them with planning, following through, adapting and socializing. These are the qualities that parents want their children to possess. When they create with their hands, it helps in developing their motor skills at a young age. At older ages it helps with learning, understanding and retaining information.

The time invested in creating as a child leads to better-groomed individuals, they possess the ability to think differently in a problem, they are able to think and conceptualize visually, they think different, they Think Better.

Let’s take a simple example, all children love animals specially lions, tigers and other large wild cats.

When we want to teach kids about shapes we make it crafty, using all the shapes to create a lion. This method proves to be effective and exciting!

Let’s take a more advanced example, learn about how optical illusions fool the human brain while making a kaleidoscope.

There are many ways to learn, some more effective than others, let’s take an example:

We have customized offering for

  1. Parent and child
  2. Teacher
  3. School

Moms and Kids

We aim to create a space where children and parents can come at any time to learn, partake in family activities, take a break from studies or just for a creative challenge.

Instead on tabs and phones we are here to create with you and the young ones. Browse through Fevicreate to get a step-by-step guide for various projects across the Indian curriculums, weekend challenges, simple crafts for the kids to do while the parents take a quick break, crafting around cultural days and more.


Teaching can be done in various ways; we believe in creating a hands- on learning experience.  Browse through our unique platform, download and teach our plans, which enable you to systematically conduct and evaluate your students, register for our training workshops and take the international hands-on learning approach.

If you are a school:

Become a Pidilite recognized partner who helps take up hands-on learning across the nation. More importantly take part and become a leader in our Fevicreate Projects


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